Tyler's Barbeque

Texas Monthly BBQ Interview

Texas Monthly BBQ – Interview

I would like to thank Texas Monthly BBQ editor Daniel Vaughn for the wonderful interview!

Pitmaster: Tyler’s Barbeque, opened 2010

Age: 45

Smoker: Wood-fired Cabinet Smoker

Wood: Mesquite

Tyler Frazer took a converted Long John Silvers and turned it into a unique Panhandle barbecue joint. The menu itself isn’t so unique. You’ll find all the barbecue standards, but it’s his methods that buck the standard way of doing things up north. Yesterday’s meat is never sold. He cooks what he thinks he can sell in a day, and no more. If he runs out it ruffles a few feathers, but he figures that’s better than serving day-old barbecue. The sides are all made fresh. Potato salad starts as a bag of potatoes and the mac & cheese (Thursdays only) is made from scratch. Even the beans don’t come from a can. In a state where most pitmasters focus only on the meat, it’s nice to see Mr. Frazer putting some effort into the rest of the menu too.

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